Enterprise Video Streaming

Unified communication across your facilities and departments

Upgrade the communication of your staff and improve your processes with an enterprise video streaming solution designed for your specific needs. Unify your branding and bring the content to your team through an accessible and intuitive platforms.

Internal video communication

Improve and speed up internal processes with communication that will help in connection even in different parts of the world and across departments. Simplify the administrative operations so that they require less staff involvement with the use of digitalized content. Gather your own library of VOD materials that are always within reach and easily accessible.


Live streaming

Showcase internal and external events that are important to your business. Utilize your potential to the fullest and capture what is happening at the moment. Bring your staff on board with events from regions of your interest and allow them to engage in live experiences. Take advantage of the potential and reach workers across all devices and platforms for extra comfort with secure enterprise live video streaming.

Tutoring and courses

Staff training

Your own solution will create a one-of-a-kind training space for knowledge-sharing and learning that will help your staff in developing their professional careers and as a result bringing value to the business. Give them the educational possibilities that they require on your own terms and within your own company.

Information display

Information display

Administrative issues, guidance or other vital information can easily reach your facility grounds in a digitalized way with the use of one system. Guidance through the premises and schedules can be displayed and managed on-site with no coding skills required to input new information. Additional customization will help you match the style of your organization and stay true to your values as well as meet the needs of specific departments and regions.

Staff entertainment

Staff entertainment

Create a calm and friendly work environment that helps your team relax and build strength and enthusiasm for the tasks ahead. Bring exquisite viewing experiences to your break rooms and surround your team with comfort. Give them what they need to maintain high performance across all fronts.

Resource unification across departments

Resource unification across departments

Stay on-brand with what you stand for and unify all of your materials in one source that can be customized accordingly. No matter if it’s one institution or multiple, present one front across all departments. Manage all of the available materials and showcase them exactly when and how you want to.

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Discover how an enterprise streaming solution can boost your commercial ventures on various fronts. We are here to show you how to make this great change for your facilities and staff.

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