What is an OTT app?

OTT, or Over The Top, refers to services that deliver video, audio, and other media content directly to viewers via the internet. This includes a variety of apps designed for this purpose. 

The term ‘Over The Top’ originated from cable TV operators who offered these services ‘over the top’ of their cable service, as a bonus rather than a replacement, which is more common today. 

OTT services correlate with Video on Demand (VOD) as they both operate on the premise that the viewer has the flexibility to select the content they wish to consume and when. The key difference is that OTT platforms and hardware can also stream live events over the internet. OTT apps facilitate streaming across diverse platforms such as the web, Smart TVs, mobile devices, or Roku, offering viewers a versatile and convenient viewing experience. 

Better Media SuiteYour turnkey OTT app

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Everything you need in an OTT Platform

A professional white-label solution designed to seamlessly manage video and audio content and automate the publishing process. Created with highly configurable but also rapidly deployable components designed to minimize the importance of technical skills and experience required on the client side. Make your OTT service look and function exactly how you envision it. Adding personal touches can upgrade the experience you are providing and personalize it to your specific audience. There are many ways in which you can transform our product and we will help you bring your vision to life, whatever it is.

High speed deploy

High-speed deploy

Reach for the fastest possible time-to-market release

Branding freedom

Branding freedom

Customize all the vital components according to your and your end-customer needs.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics

Get the most accurate data regarding the functionality of your app and user behaviour.

Centralized CMS

Centralized CMS

Manage everything regarding uploaded materials easily and efficiently from just one place.

Lead the way in sports streaming

Sports content viewers demand not just top-quality content but also superior delivery methods. We develop apps across multiple platforms, ensuring your content is accessible to audiences on any device they use.

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Broadcast everything with one streaming solution

Launch your streaming service for broadcasters. Present content uniquely, in real-time, without format restrictions, and with a personalized view.

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broadcasting for ott

Discover your ideal sound with audio streaming service

Let your audience truly hear you and carve out a unique space for users. Build a unified brand presence across all platforms to stand out in the expanding market of audio content providers.

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Manage all aspects with enterprise video streaming

Elevate your internal business projects with a flexible video platform suited for both internal and external purposes. Efficiently manage and streamline your resources through a unified solution.

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Be ready for any event with a dedicated streaming platform

Step into the future of event organizing and sharing, expanding your reach with a customized OTT platform. Enhance your performance and increase its impact through the power of digital innovation.

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streaming for events

Healthcare-focused streaming platform

Create a unified and integrated media platform for patients and healthcare professionals. Open up unique opportunities for your team and clients by harmoniously merging entertainment with educational content.

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Your personalized educational streaming service

Enhance your educational offerings with captivating video and audio content. Such materials engage students more effectively, improving understanding and memory retention.

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A streaming solution for faith-based organizations

Strengthen bonds and inspire through streaming. Learn how our platform unites congregations and enhances your message with smooth, user-friendly streaming media solutions designed specifically for faith communities.

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A dedicated streaming service for your visitors

Transform the hospitality experience by elevating each stay into an extraordinary journey. Provide cutting-edge in-room entertainment, bespoke services, and seamless smart room technology. Make every visit not just comfortable, but unforgettable.

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The only white-labelwith custom features

Our white-label product allows you to customize it to your exact specifications. With our help, you can make your app look and function exactly how you want. Adding unique touches to your app helps to make it stand out, personalize it to your target audience, and upgrade the user experience. 

We are here to help you bring your vision to life – no matter what it may be. 

Deploy fast,no coding required

Better Media Suite is the fastest and easiest way to distribute your content to all platforms without any coding knowledge required.  

Our comprehensive solution eliminates the need for coding, allowing you to launch your apps quickly and effortlessly. Our APIs are seamlessly integrated with 3rd parties to ensure your content is released quickly and with minimal effort. 

Deploy Fast
Branding freedom

Branding freedom

Easily customize your application’s branding and front-end, manage content, and control user activity with quick and secure services.

Use our intuitive visual editor to configure the application’s UX to perfectly reflect your brand and cater to your users’ needs. 

Detailed analytics

Dive deep into our comprehensive analytics and take advantage of the powerful insights they provide. Our dashboard will help you make informed decisions about vital topics like which content will drive the most revenue for your business and which videos have the highest engagement from viewers.

With better analytics, you can easily assess user behavior and measure the performance of your content. 

Detailed analytics
Centralized CMS

Centralized CMS with dynamic changes

Centralized CMS is an essential tool for managing and updating your media collections, categories, and metadata.

With just a few short steps, you can easily and intuitively navigate the administration panel to upload your content and stream it to your viewers – both VOD and live – on any device. Streamline your entire platform from one central location. 

Powerful Multiscreen Apps

While creating the app, the highest focus needs to be put on uniforming the viewers experience, regardless of the device they are using and that is why we assure that our applications are responsive and work seamlessly across any laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, set-top-box or Smart TV.





better media suite features

Why is it worth choosing our white-label OTT Platform?

  • Short time to market - we have significantly reduced the delivery time below the market standard. 
  • Modular architecture - the BMS is a platform designed as an E2E solution or a Front-End module that is integrated into the customer's system. 
  • Outstanding UI/UX - customization tools with a wide range of capabilities that require no coding experience. 
  • Direct customer service - because of our meticulous approach and focus on quality service, we don't need outsourcing, we don't play that way. 

Adjust your platform to your needs

We create powerful video platforms to help broadcasters, service providers, media companies, and all suppliers of video and audio content to deploy and optimize their live & on-demand OTT services. Our solution is based on a multi-tenant model, meaning that depending on customer needs, we can offer cost-effective, small-scale solutions, or huge, fully-customizable systems that meet all requirements. Our video platforms are designed to provide a comprehensive set of features, including high-quality content delivery, robust scalability, and advanced monetization tools. 

Let's talk about yourwhite-label OTT platform!

If you are looking for a white-label solution or are in need of some advice in that field, feel free to contact us and check if our platform Better Media Suite is the right choice for you. Our specialists will help you reach the best possible outcome for your company’s projects.

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