Our goal - that's why we do it

We specialize in designing and building products that will meet the market expectations. Our architects use their experience and in-depth knowledge of video and media products to help partners mitigate the risks and meet the timelines.

In everyday work, we focus on solutions that would lead us to be ahead of the trends and to predict the market needs. The company portfolio includes multiple innovative products which have successfully emerged in the market.

About Better Media Suite





We strive to become even BETTER so we always try to broaden our competences. We do not limit ourselves and develop more and more modern solutions for video streaming.

We always keep our word. We respect our obligations and take responsibility for them. 

With every little piece of work, we are proud of our product. Best quality is our main interest and satisfaction of our customers is above all.

Open, honest and two-way communication is the key to understanding and mutual trust. We are transparent in all our activities. 

These are our principles

Ever since our humble beginnings, we made sure to put our customers at the center of everything we do. We are humans helping other humans succeed and we believe transparency is the key to forging lasting relationships, as we continue to grow.

The direction of our product development is determined by what our clients tell us they need to run a successful video businesses, paired with data that illuminates the path. We keep every decision transparent and value feedback from our community above anything else.

What sets us apart?

We are all unique individuals with our own unique set of experiences, skills, and perspectives. This is what makes us different from each other and gives us a unique place in the world. We bring different ideas, opinions, and approaches to the table, allowing us to come up with creative solutions and innovative ideas that wouldn’t be possible with just one person. We can also learn from each other and build on each other’s strengths, helping us to reach our full potential.