About our company

At Better Media Solutions, we devote our expertise to the development of innovative solutions for video and audio streaming, as well as OTT projects. Our dedication lies in assisting brands, irrespective of their size, in monetizing and distributing their content effectively in the digital space. Our acclaimed services span a diverse range of industries, serving Media Agencies, Content Creators, Content Owners, Content Aggregators, Online Media Companies, Sports Organizations, Public Events, and sectors of E-learning, TV, Broadcasting, Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial TV Operators, and Telecom Operators.  

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About our company

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All of our products have been created with the aim of providing our client’s with the best possible, most modern and highly functional solutions that would change the way people think about white-label products. With its diverse range of components and abilities for diversification of content and design, Better Media Suite can not only be the fast and reasonable first choice when you are starting your path in the industry, but the only one you may ever need.

Cutting-edge distribution of video content

Our solutions offer the quickest route to content delivery without the need for any coding expertise. They empower suppliers to diversify their offerings with features like live TV and VOD, enabling them to effectively meet the demands of their end-users. We provide comprehensive solutions with rapid time-to-market release dates, facilitated by seamless API integration with third-party services. Additionally, our solutions can be meticulously tailored to suit various platforms with designs that align precisely with our clients’ requirements.

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Our ready to use products for broadcasters.

Meet our other products

To ensure even better results and investment outcome for our clients’ and partners’ projects as well as help them meet their target audience, we offer an array of solutions and products designed to exceed the basic objections and expectations and add a new level of modern functionalities. In our work, we always focus on the development of world-class technologies which greatly transcend the usual solutions visible on the market.

Video Market

A social platform that connects celebrities and influencers with their fans through personalized video messages.

Dynamic Ads Insertion

Ready to integrate AI solution that delivers dynamic advertising content into video stream or VOD based on user preferences.​

Stream Studio

Application for making interactive live videos to social media like Facebook or Youtube. Users have the ability to manage all widgets and sources of a stream.

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Our awards

We are proud that our solutions have become an integral part of the industry and that our commitment and passion for the work we do is recognized. Our company has been honored by prestigious magazines and award shows and we are glad that Better Media Solutions has made a significant impact in the video/OTT market.

Better Media Soultions products awarded by prestigious magazines

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