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Discover the power of seamless content delivery and go further than the boundaries of traditional broadcasting. Ignite excitement and nurture the customer-brand bond with a streaming solution that opens new digital opportunities.

Live streaming in broadcast

Live streaming

Deliver high-quality, uninterrupted live broadcasts that build real-time engagement. Expand your brand influence and reach audiences connecting to the streaming platform from any place, time, platform or device. Elevate streaming capabilities with additional features and maximize possibilities for revenue gain.

Various formats 

Various formats

Create your own way to display your content and provide the audience with a means to enjoy your materials however they like. On-demand, short-form, long-form, video, audio and more. Choose and match to keep viewers coming back for more and create strategies for richer multimedia experiences.

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Numerous monetization options 

Numerous monetization options

Unlock new revenue streams and leverage your earning potential. Explore a variety of possible ways to monetize your work. Offer users of your streaming platform different choices for content access including AVOD, SVOD or TVOD. Discover a comprehensive suite of options and tools tailored for an array of business needs.

Detailed analytics 

Detailed analytics

Monitor statistics based on real-time audience e.g., the number of views, which asset is in use or detailed information about purchases and subscriptions. This data proves to be extremely helpful in decision-making towards generating increased user engagement and retention as a result positively impacting the platform turnover. Get the most accurate information regarding the functionality of your app, the user behavior and performance of available content.

Language and region diversity 

Language and region diversity

Reach new audiences and provide them with the version of your application that corresponds with the exact region and demographic. Utilize the translation system, asset layout, right-to-left configuration and more for your benefit and build a diverse community of viewers that are deeply engaged in your content. Create a safe space that answers all the needs of your target group.

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broadcasting streaming platform
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